The supply chain digitization ensures an optimized sales service, product traceability, improved food quality and waste reduction, environmental sustainability and much more. To try.

YSUITE is a DSS – Decision Support System, a user-friendly tool for managing farms and equipment: streamline resource allocation,
track field work history, predict machine maintenance needs and much more.

Massimizza l'efficienza operativa e la produttività, minimizza i costi e gli sprechi di risorse.

Efficienza operativa e produttiva
Gestione e controllo della flotta

YConnect is the farmers portal to control and manage farm equipment, fields, crops, employees.

YService is the OEMs portal that enhances the after-sales service and enables the control and management of equipment.



Monitor in real time all the processing data arriving from the connected appliance (ex: the spraying computer, the seeding computer and any compatible appliance). It is possible to filter the map view using the integrated search engine. By clicking on the marker, a pop up window will appear and show the variables status in real time, for example the machine speed, set dosage and current dosage, flow rate, selected job and much more.


Visualization and Dashboard

Easily search and select the machines you want to monitor from your database. This allows you to view both real-time and stored operating data according to your needs. You can access the list of jobs, which summarizes the key totalizers in one line, either from the device registry or from the real-time map view. From the job the list, delve deeper into each job to see the graphic representation of the machine’s path in the field along with phases of inactivity and information about the treated sections. A chart summerizes the key variables involved during processing. As the chart and the map are integrated they can be compared: by clicking on one point on the former, the same is highlighted in the latter and viceversa. This allows you to easily identify any anomalies and to gain meaninful insights into every moment of the performed job.


Prescription maps

Quickly draw prescription maps thanks to the user friendly map editor to perform defense, fertilization, and seeding operations by taking advantage of variable rate technology. The editor guides you by highlighting common errors such as crossing segments and graphically shows the key map’s elements such as dimensions in hectares. From the map list you can edit and delete prescription maps at any moment. Send the maps to IOTBOX2 which will transfer them to machines’ VT or computer.


Crops and fields management

Organise your farms, fields and crops thanks to the agronomic management system. Simply draw the boundaries of your fields, name them, associate crops with fields, field with farms and much more, to meet your company’s needs. An overview of all its information is available for each field. Make a list of the chemical products used by your organisation, associate chemicals to crops and fields, use the phytosanitary registry to better define your job order.


Farm management

Manage all aspects of your farm, including administration, production, personnel management, and logistics. Assign tasks to your employees, grant them platform access and assign roles to your farm staff. Register farm employees and add information regarding personal records and permissions for viewing and editing. Plan the activities to be carried out by the various operators by assigning to your staff a machine, a task, a field and plant protection products to be used. Shedule date and time for the work to be done and send via APP the job to the chosen operator. The operator will be able to remotely send the “start job” command.


YSERVICE amplia le funzionalità di YCONNECT e rende disponibili agli OEM tutti i vantaggi derivanti dal business model della servitizzazione: dalla creazione di nuovi servizi ad alto valore aggiunto per i clienti alla crescita nei prodotti. Con YSERVICE puoi:


Alarm management and predictive maintenance

Transform raugh data into useful information. When specific changes in assets health are identified and specific circumstances and patterns occur, YSERVICE indicates potential problems or pending asset failure, triggers an “event” and, in real time, sends an alert to the OEM. Thanks to YSERVICE it will be possible to carry out machines predictive manteinance, enabling timely repairs before failures occur. The alarms and failures list will remain at OEMS disposal for consultation.


Licence management

Remotely manage the mobile data subscriptions sales to clients and request to Ynnova new mobile data subscriptions to be sold.