Dispositivo IOTBOX2

IOTBOX2 it’s a ruggedized module that OEMs install in agricultural equipment to collect data (e.g. location and drivetrain component status). IOTBOX2 then uploads that data over 4G LTE or Wi-Fi to Ynnova’s YConnect and YService platforms in the cloud. IOTBOX2 enables bi-directional communication with the Ynnova’s cloud portals, which is a fundamental requirement to access the digitization paradigm.

Connectivity and cloud to drive digitisation

Agricoltura 4.0
Connettività e cloud per agricoltura

IOTBOX2 comes with a built-in GPS antenna and an integrated SIM that guarantees worldwide 4G connectivity. This frees OEMs from the time and expense of working with multiple SIM suppliers. It ensures their customers have mobile network connectivity everywhere their agricultural equipment is used. An integrated SIM also frees OEM customers from using smartphones to connect IOTBOX to the cloud. This solution was meant to make IOTBOX2 compliant to be distributed worldwide.


Serving OEMs and farmers

Specifically designed for the rough agricultural automotive market, IOTBOX2 manages a number of machine parameters, some of which are useful to OEMs and some of which are useful to farmers. In order to manage additional working parameters, it is possible to install specific sensors on the machine. IOTBOX2 then sorts the data and sends it to either YConnect or YService.

Banking and military standards

The collected data, stored on Ynnova’s server, is transmitted and managed following the banking and military standards. Users will access their data worldwide using smartphones, tablets or personal computers.

Technical data and documents

  • 4G CAT1 connectivity;
  • Wi-Fi connectivity;
  • Integrated GNSS geolocation system;
  • 1 USB OTG serial port, 3 RS232 serial ports (one for debug purposes), 1 RS485 serial port, up to 4 CAN bus ports and 1 Ethernet serial port, to collect data from on-board devices;
  • 2 configurable analog/digital inputs (0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20mA, digital input);
  • 2 fast digital input (enabled counting up to 8KHz);
  • 2 open-collector digital outputs;
  • 2 push-pull digital outputs;
  • 1 controlled output for external sensors power supply.
Assieme IOTBOX2