Connected and monitored machines for easy fleet management

Ynnova has developed a range of hardware, software and cloud products for agricultural OEMs. Ynnova’s products equip agricultural machinery with cutting-edge technology and create value-added services for end customers, enhancing OEMs’ after-sales service in line with the servitisation business model

Electronics and sensors gather data from machinery and from the physical environment

The cloud-based data platform collects and processes information and provides ongoing two-way global communication throughout the entire fleet, for machinery and agronomic monitoring and management.

The Ynnova telemetry ecosystem

Ynnova's Cloud

OEMs portal

Farmers portal

Worldwide DCA

Telemetry Ynnova control unit and software kit copia

A turnkey telemetry system to support agricultural OEMs worldwide

Maximise operational efficiency and productivity while minimising costs and resources waste.

Whether you are a farmer or an OEM, Ynnova’s telemetry solution is the ultimate DSS – Decision Support System that will enhance your enterprise. Thanks to Ynnova’s DSS both OEMs and farmers will benefit from a user-friendly tool for managing farms and equipment: streamline resource allocation, track field work history, predict machine maintenance needs and much more.

The hardware: IOTBOX2

IOTBOX2 is the mobile network connection unit – ISOBUS compatible – that gathers data in real time from the equipment in use and transmits it to YConnect and YService portal.

The cloud: YConnect and YService portals

Control, monitor and remotely manage your fleet, farms, crops and much more. Stay connected and in control of your operations with ease. Ynnova’s cloud is natively compatible with xFarm and can be integrated with the major agronomic management platforms and ERPs.

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Other sectors where we have expertise in IoT operations

Thanks to Ynnova’s cross-industry expertise, OEMs from a wide range of industries can rely on cutting-edge technologies and customised solutions to implement their equipment and improve their processes and businesses according to their needs.

Electronic design
Software development
Hardware Manufacturing
Firmware development

From design to manufacture, our team manages the entire production process.

Ynnova’s solutions are designed to be simple, competitive and scalable, enabling small and medium enterprises to embrace the digitization and servitization paradigm. We believe in the role of technology as a facilitator, which is why our solutions are simple. We believe that our solutions should grow with your business, so that they can meet your future needs, which is why scalability is our goal.

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